Top 10 2019 Interior Trends For Those Who Don’t Do Trends

Image: Iconic Lights

It’s time to admit defeat.  Whilst there’s nothing I’d rather think about less right now than Christmas I can feel it creeping up all around me.  Yesterday I spotted mince pies in the shop and then saw someone on Instagram actually eating one, my eldest has already started crafting the all important list and I’m severely tempted by all of the lovely grown up advent calendars that are starting to go on sale.  So yes, summer’s over, it’s basically already Christmas and time to think about interior trends in 2019.

This is a post that I hesitated to write.  Firstly I’m not a big one for trends, I have my style (albeit difficult to define) and I prefer to stick to it despite the world telling me my kitchen needs to be blue.  Secondly, I find a lot of trend articles a bit trite and confusing.  A quick perusal this morning told me that terrazzo – a beautiful material that has been regularly used for a couple of hundred years – is both in and out (shake it all about) and that pink is over despite the fact that I’m clearly seeing Farrow & Ball’s new colour Sulking Room Pink being used all over the place.

Image: Farrow & Ball

It’s often all a bit of stuff and nonsense.  “Trends” crow-barred into stories to show off new products and to attempt to pull together some coherence to the lovely variety we have in our homes today.  If you follow me on Instagram you may also have seen my recent rant about brands trying to convince us to switch up our home decor for Autumn.  I mean, who does this??!  I happily look forward to adding a bit of sparkle around Christmas but changing how my home looks for Autumn??  The world has gone mad.

That said, I’m still going to tell you about what trends I think will be big in 2019.  Why?  Well, apart from the fact that I’m an interior designer and it’s my job to know what’s up and coming, in my own home trends creep in in small doses which helps to keep it looking modern.  I also think that understanding what is happening in the wider design world can help with decisions when starting a renovation project – it can be that little spark that influences the direction that a room takes or that elevates it to the next level.

So without further ado (I’m all about the ado), here are my top ten interior trends for 2019…


Image: Vincent Trading:

I have to admit to being one of those who questioned the ethics behind the recent collaboration between H&M, the global behemoth with some tricky history around working conditions and William Morris, one of the key proponents of the Arts and Crafts movement which rejected industrialisation and celebrated traditional, simple craftsmanship.  That’s not to say I didn’t buy the dress however, being a long-standing fan of Morris pattern I just couldn’t resist!

It feels fitting, however, to be celebrating the founder of the Arts and Crafts movement, as we are gradually seeing a more general move towards appreciation of the hand-crafted and a rejection of the Ikea age which saw us all with exactly the same stuff.

Vincent Trading, based in Devon, are a great example of this movement.  Their range of individually handmade items including tables, benches and stools, are beautiful in their simplicity and offer the opportunity to have one of a kind items in our homes for affordable prices.

Nudes and Neutrals

Colours are a topic which seem to divide most trend forecasters with some predicting that we’ll all be painting everything in jewel tones whilst others think we’ll be whitewashing the lot.  Personally I think we are turning back towards softer, calmer colouring in our homes.  I see many an instagrammer painting over dark walls these days in favour of an off white, in fact I recently changed my own living room to Skimming Stone from Farrow & Ball from a dark green and I’m loving the lighter colour.

You may also have read my post on Dulux’s 2019 Colour of the Year, Spiced Honey recently.  To say that it received an underwhelming response was an understatement with the verdict being very much more meh than amazing.  I argue, however, that it is exactly this kind of neutral that we need to underpin the bolder furniture and accessories that we are investing in these days and for me it’s a far more interesting colour that the Pantone purple of 2018 which felt more about shock factor than real applicability.

Image: Dulux

Mixed Metals

An interesting trends in kitchens and bathrooms recently has been the move away from the ubiquitous chrome and the use of an increasing range of different brassware materials including brass but also copper, stainless steel, nickel and pewter.  Continuing on from this departure, I’m also enjoying these materials being used in combination rather than having a single metallic scheme which can feel a little trite if overdone.  I’m currently pulling together a kitchen scheme which includes an amazing copper sink which I’m contrasting with an industrial-feel brass tap and loving the interest the mixture brings.

Dark Bathrooms

Whilst we have seen the trend towards dark interiors penetrate into most areas of our houses, in 2019 expect to see this carried through into the bathroom with striking schemes using dark hues of blue and black to create a grown-up spa like feel.  I love @gold_is_a_neutral’s recent family bathroom makeover which uses dark walls but still manages to feel fresh and friendly.

Image: Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Lighter Wood

Whilst bathrooms may be going darker, wood is going lighter, partly thanks to the recent interest in all things ply and the ply kitchen examples seen from the likes of Plykea, Custom Fronts and Superfront.  See also the beautiful birch ply pegboards from Peg & Board, the subject of one of my recent Meet the Maker posts.

Image: Peg & Board


Fringing, fringing everywhere.  It’s on lampshades, it’s on mirrors, it’s on upholstery.  The once fusty feeling trims are back and feeling fresh, adding an art deco feeling to home accessories.  I love Anna Hayman Designs lampshades which bring a touch of glamour, colour and texture to a room whilst Oliver Bonas have a beautiful fringed table lamp that I’m lusting after.

Statement Ceilings

Blame the trend for dark interiors for making us all think more about our ceilings.  What were once pure white as a staple can now look somewhat out of place in a scheme which mixes strong colours and accessories.

Dark interiors proponents such as Abigail Ahern advise painting your ceiling the same colour as your walls to avoid bringing attention to the feeling of a box with a white outline.  This is something I also often advise, particularly if your ceilings are low and you don’t want to highlight traditional cornice or ceiling rose details.

If you do want to highlight these features however, why not bring a whole new colour into the scheme?  I’m currently toying with the idea of painting our bedroom ceiling copper against the dark grey walls (if I could face going through the whole prep process).

Image: Farrow & Ball


Curves are back.  Which is good news if you’re into cake but also softer edges in your house too.  I’m seeing curves everywhere including a modern take on curves for the kitchen, and scalloped furniture upholstered in sumptuous velvets which feel hugely modern and luxurious.


This one feels like the most frivolous because it’s one of those “trends” that comes and goes but is really always about because who doesn’t love star and moon motifs.  But it is true that we’re currently seeing Astronomy and Zodiac used regularly in home accessories at the moment as well as in wallpaper designs including the beautiful Chart wallpaper designed by artist Hugo Dalton for Paint and Paper Library.


And finally (told you I’m all about the ado), florals.  I’m not one for too much floral in the Cath Kidston style but I’m loving the new breed of florals that allow you to add a bit of botanical flavour without the chintz.  I particularly love the new Pure Morris range from Morris & Co which sees original patterns reimagined in washed out “Nordic Outdoor” colouring.

So that’s my take.  I might adopt the odd piece here and there which give a little lift to the scheme that I’m happy with in our home.  A lighter wood pegboard in the kids’ room, an interesting ceiling in our bedroom.  Use the trends to add a touch of interest here and there and keep your home looking like your home, but better.