Meet the Maker: Peg & Board

In the second in my series of Meet the Maker I’m talking to Laura from Peg & Board, a newly launched pegboard business selling the most beautiful, hand-crafted birch plywood pegboards.  Brilliantly versatile, the different sizes and configurations – including bespoke – mean that the boards can be used in any room in your house giving you storage that looks good as well as being highly functional.

What’s your background and how did you get started with Peg & Board?

My background is in acting and vintage fashion…a slightly mixed pair, I know. I trained as an actor and had a few small parts, but whilst auditioning I started my own vintage fashion store from my flat and really enjoyed running my own business, especially as it was in something I loved anyway. I developed that store into a specialist one focused on restored vintage wedding dresses, and spent a couple of years finding the one for brides to be! Things slowed up a bit as I dealt with the small matter of having two kids… Now I’ve started with Peg & Board because I was trying to sort storage for our own house – the aforementioned two children take up quite a lot of space! – and realised I’d found something that would be a great homegrown business to take on.

What is your work process?

My work process involves having a crazy idea then talking to people like my mum to bring it to somewhere between my crazy idea and her sensible voice. Usually I still win out, but it helps me turn great ideas into great and doable ideas! Then I tend to research and research and research so that I am confident that what I’m trying to do is the best way of doing something…then I get on and do it!

Where can people use the boards?

The great thing about the boards is they are limited only by people’s imaginations. They work in every room and can be used to hold just about anything so people can do whatever they want with the boards. At the moment I love how it works in the kitchen, helping me have all the bits I use all the time close at hand but not cluttering up the work surface. I’ve got an idea at the moment though to use one in the hall as a place to hang keys and bags and things…and my husband’s bicycle, so it really is whatever you can think of.

How would you describe your own interior style?

My own style is a mix of mid-century classics and modern bright bold colours…all mixed in with kids toys (currently lots of dinotrux and batman figures!). Although our current house we bought from an old lady and haven’t had time to do anything so lets just call it granny chic and not in a good way.

What are the challenges and benefits of running your own business?

The benefit is that it’s all on you, so you’re free to chase your own ideas, focus on the things you think are really important and, obviously, work when you can. The challenge is, well, everything is on you! So there’s no one else to get things done and when stuff has to be sorted there’s nowhere to hide.

What advice would you give to others setting up their own business?

I would probably say that they’ve got to really love the thing that’s at the heart of their business and be willing to put in the hours. If you don’t care about it then you’re going to get sick of it and struggle to make a success of it. As much as I’ve complained about sanding pegboards late into the evening… I’ve always been excited about what I’m building with Peg & Board so been happy to keep sanding.

Tell us a bit about the future for the business

Peg & Board will hopefully grow it’s own place in the market and the product will be something more people see as a great thing to have in their home. I’ve no idea at the moment what the dream size or scale of the business is, but I know I want to grow it and get more pegboards into people’s homes.

To find out more about Laura and check out her amazing handmade boards, check her out on Instagram, @pegandboard and at her website


All pictures courtesy of Peg & Board