Meet The Maker: mosnox


In the third of the Meet the Maker series I’m talking to mosnox – a brilliantly innovative brand designing plywood furniture for children’s rooms.  As well as being beautiful to look at each piece of furniture can be bespoked for your space allowing you to build the perfect growing space for your little ones.

What is your background and how did you get started with mosnox?
The idea came about partly through necessity and almost by accident really. We needed a bunk bed so our two young boys could share a (pretty small) bedroom but the wall where we wanted to put the bed was too short for every bunk bed we could find. Eventually we made one, and the mattresses to fit! We had lots of positive comments on that first bed – and it served its purpose well. In fact it is still used by the little boy of the family who bought the house from us when we moved a few years ago.

When we moved house and began looking again for beds for our children’s new rooms we still couldn’t find what we wanted. We started asking around and learnt that we were not the only ones to have this problem – after further research we finally decided to take the plunge and begin developing designs which could be adapted to fit any room.

Our backgrounds are varied. Holly trained as a midwife back in 2003 and after spending a very happy (if busy) few years was finally persuaded to take up a role in the family business which makes specialist postural support furniture for children with disabilities. Through this role Holly learnt a huge amount about furniture and product design which works for families and children, as well as manufacturing techniques and materials.

Louise worked in hospitality management for a number of years and excels in customer service and organisation as a result!

What is your work process?
We believe that environments have a huge effect on the way we feel. A child’s bedroom is much more than a place to sleep – it is a playroom, an office, an entertaining space and often a classroom, a spaceship or a hospital too! We want to develop products which will fit and enhance any space while looking great and being safe and strong for everything children may throw at them!

We start by sketching out our ideas and showing them to our children and their friends and parents. Any which are not enthusiastically received stay on paper. When we have a look we are happy with we consult our design engineer who works his magic translating that look into a product which is strong, safe, durable and easy to transport and assemble.

The prototyping stage is always the most exciting! This is where our ideas come really come to life. This is also usually where we get our children to do the ‘jump test’ – a vital durability check as any parent will know!

When we have a final prototype that we are happy with we may send it off for independent testing to ensure it meets the highest safety standards before being available to buy.

What is different about your products?
Made to measure is really our speciality – any of our designs can be made to any size to suit our customers individual homes.

Alongside this we are very conscious of the environmental and social impact of our business. We have eliminated the use of plastics in our packaging and manufacture our beds from birch faced poplar plywood. Poplar is a fast growing, sustainable timber which limits the environmental impact of our raw materials. We source our poplar plywood from a European saw mill that have a passion for providing secure employment for their foresters, supporting rural communities and helping them thrive.

How would you describe your own interior style?
At the moment we are very building site chic!

We are just coming to the end of a big renovation project on our house so have got a lovely blank canvas to work with. We love a crisp minimal back drop and lots natural light – we have white walls and have lovingly sanded and white washed the original wooden floors in our 1920s house.

We then build up with lots of natural textures – rugs, throws, timbers and cover every available wall space with family pictures and a wide range of artwork and prints from local artists and makers (including our own children of course!)

What are the challenges and benefits of running your own business?
The main challenge is probably finding the time to get everything done. It helps that there are two of us and we do try to split the jobs so no one feels too overwhelmed!

There are many many benefits but the thing we enjoy most is seeing our ideas come to life –all of the lovely feedback we get gives us a real sense of achievement and always makes it all feel worthwhile.

You have to be careful not to let the business dominate but we’ve found that when we get it right running our own business has really improved our work-life balance. There is huge value to us in knowing that we will never have to miss a school play or sports day as we can set our schedule to suit our family.

What advice would you give to others setting up their own business?
Make sure you believe in everything you are doing 100% – passion and authenticity are the keys to success.

Tell us a bit about the future for the business
We have lots of new designs planned for 2019 for different bed types and other pieces to add to our range. We are hoping to do our first trade show are in the very early stages of discussing some exciting collaborations for next year. Lots going on so watch this space!

To find out more about mosnox and their beautiful range of furniture, visit them at their website and over on Instagram at @mosnox_kids


All pictures courtesy of mosnox.