Christmas Gift Guide – Part Two

Image: Unsplash

Ho ho ho and a very merry welcome to the second instalment of my Christmas Gift Guide.  This time around I wanted to put together a gift guide of things that I would actually love to receive and would happily send to my other half to choose from.

Now, I do love a Christmas Gift Guide but so often I look through them and find things that look beautiful in the blog but that I wouldn’t have any use for or actually be too bothered about receiving or giving.  Lots of bijou (and predominantly wooden) ideas for children when in reality my seven year old’s list consists solely of Zelda related goods and cashmere gloves for me when my life is lived predominantly in dirty playgrounds.

Naturally, my ideal list revolves around interiors so that is where I have focused.  Not only that but I have also focused only on independent shops and brands.

That is not to say that there aren’t lots of lovely things I’d be very happy to receive from the bigger retailers but being a small business myself I know how much small businesses appreciate each and every customer that chooses to shop with them over a larger retailer who may be that much more convenient and, perhaps, slightly cheaper.

That said it wasn’t hard to come up with a list of things that I would love to receive from independents.  Spending as much time on Instagram as I do I come across them all of the time and my restraint is tested on a daily basis as so many are so good at what they do.  This list genuinely consists, therefore, of things that I have lusted after over the last few weeks and months and so not only do you have a Christmas Gift Guide but also, for no extra cost, a window into my soul – lucky you!

I have divided my list into gifts under £50 and over £50 so you can divert your/your loved one’s attention to the appropriate segment as you see fit.

Under £50

I’ve spoken about Aerende in a previous post, an online homewares store which sells products made in the UK by people facing social challenges.  I love this candle snuffer which would also be a perfect accompaniment to this Soy Candle from Rose and Grey or to snuff out a candle in these amazing butterfly holders from Mustard Vintage.

Wood and brass candle snuffer, £31, Aerende

PF Candle Co Soy Candle, £32, Rose & Grey

Pair of Brass Midcentury Butterfly Candlesticks, £49, Mustard Vintage

If you’re in the market for some new art for your wall you have also come to the right place.  In the under £50 category I have included a linen print from Wonder & Rah which I think will have to make it onto my final list, as well as a doodle from the brilliant Jessie Cave which I will absolutely get round to investing in one day, and a Lieke van der Vorst print which I spotted recently at the wonderful Rose & Grey.

Botany Linen Print, £50, Wonder & Rah

Alright Doodle, £40, Jessie Cave

Lieke van der Vorst Koraal Print, £28, Rose &  Grey

Top of my Christmas list this year is some crockery that doesn’t shout student house when you open the cupboards.  I’m planning on investing in even more open shelving in the kitchen in 2019 so I need something that we’ll be happy to put on show.  I’d be very happy to add these amazing Wolfy plates from Made + Good to the collection and I have been drooling over the Ferm Living Ripple collection for so long now I’m praying that somebody will have noticed.

Wolfy Plates, £45, Made + Good

Ferm Living Ripple Jug, £32, Smallable

Handmade Linen Check Napkins, Set of 4, £28, Object Style

Large Serving Board, £25, Vincent Trading

And finally in the under £50 category – what to buy for someone who has everything?  Well how about a toothbrush subscription from The Pearly White Club which includes a new eco-friendly toothbrush every 6 weeks or some beautiful stationery from the lovely Rifle Paper Co at Lisa Valentine Home?

Toothbrush subscription from £30, The Pearly White Club

Set of 3 Lively Floral Notebooks, Rifle Paper Co, £14.50, Lisa Valentine Home

Over £50

If you’re pushing the boat out a little more it’s a great time to add some brilliant original art to your house, without breaking the bank (or your partner’s bank to be more specific).  I am lusting after a print from Mineheart to match a similar one in my bathroom and whilst I already have one set of plates from Alijoe Designs they’re so good they literally work in every room of the house.

The Orange Pencil Canvas, £183, Mineheart

The Shady Side, £70, Alijoe Designs

Vintage Americana Don’t Walk Sign, £55, Persora

It’s also a good time to invest in individual items which can have a real impact in your home, adding a final touch to a room or elevating it with a bit of additional colour or pattern.  This chair from Rockett St George is great value and would look beautiful in a bedroom and this faux banana palm plant from Rose and Grey will last forever however rubbish you are at looking after plants.

Solid Metal Circular Droplet Chair, £65, Rockett St George

Faux Banana Palm Plant, £165, Rose & Grey

Hand-Woven Wool Blanket, £145, Aerende

Insect Mandala Tea Cup and Saucer (Set of 4), £105, The Curious Department

So that’s my round up of, essentially, 20 Christmas gifts I would be very happy to receive!  I hope it’s been a helpful one for you and that I’ve whetted your whistle for shopping at some independent stores this year.