20 Brilliant… Places to Buy Wall Art

Image: Audenza

When I think about, or am asked about, my own interior style I always find it difficult to articulate.  It’s a little bit midcentury modern, a touch of retro, a soupcon of traditional Victorian with an element of modern scandi thrown in.  I can’t name it or define it but nevertheless it seems to reappear in every room in my house.

What I know it isn’t, however, is minimalist.  I frequently finding myself lusting over beautifully styled minimalist photos on Pinterest or Instagram but the reality is I can’t achieve it in my own home.  That’s partly because I have two small kids, a dog, a cat and some fish who all (even the fish) seem to accumulate and scatter stuff.  Everywhere.

But that’s not all.  Even in areas where I could choose to have a more minimal vibe, our bedroom for example, it just doesn’t seem to happen.  Because I kind of love the stuff.  To me it’s what makes our house a home and it tells the story of our life.  The People Will Always Need Plates print of the iconic Toast Rack building that was next to my Primary School on the playroom wall, the drawings we picked up on one of my favourite ever holidays in Croatia, the picture we lusted after for years on Lumas before finally getting it as a much cherished wedding gift.

Image: Lived In 365

So that’s why this week’s 20 Brilliant… post is all about Wall Art.  It’s about 20 brilliant places to find art that reminds you of that perfect moment, art that makes you smile every time you see it or that sums up your family in 3 simple words.

In terms of the art that I have in my own home I’ve picked this up from a really wide range of sources.  I love to collect pieces on holiday because they forever remind me of that time, they are the souvenir that never (usually at least) gets old.

I have also always found some real gems when visiting galleries and have been inspired by something that I’ve seen there.  I may never be quite in the right league to own the real thing but I can get the next best thing and have something inspirational on my walls.

And finally, charity shops, car boots, antique shops.  I have a butterfly print on my mantelpiece that I picked up, framed, for about £2.50.  It just fits in perfectly with everything else in the room.  Art does not have to cost a packet.

And on the subject of art not costing a packet I have mostly focused in this post on affordable art.  There is, no doubt, a place for the odd splurge on the right piece but for now I’m mostly focusing on the sub-£100 bracket, something that can make an impact without breaking the bank.

Graphical/Typographical Art

A quick glance at the most popular interior Instagram profiles will tell  you that graphical and typographical art are currently very much the order of the day.  There are a whole host of online shops out there offering prints at great prices, here I’ve focused on those that I think are particularly original in what they produce and where I know that the quality is excellent.

We have two People Will Always Need Plates prints in our house and they are amongst my favourites and I was recently lucky enough to receive a print from Karina Mansfield which is beautifully done.


Blah Blah Blah: Gayle Mansfield Designs; Botanical: Karina Mansfield; Neon Yellow Skeleton Let’s Dance: Quirk & Rescue; National Theatre: People Will Always Need Plates via Magnolia Box; YES YES YES: Supermundane.

For the Kids

Prints for kids are a subject that is close to my heart these days as we get ready to redecorate my own children’s room.  When I was decorating the nursery for my first, he’s now 7, there seemed to be so little choice out there, at least at a reasonable price.  In the end I bought a copy of the book Where the Wild Things Are just so that I could frame the beautiful pages.  I still have to make up the story when we get to the ripped out part.

Nowadays there is so much choice and the options are so beautiful that I’d be happy to use most of them anywhere in the house, why let the kids have all of the good stuff?

Party Badger: Max Made Me Do It; Roller Disco: Disko Kids; Meri Meri YAY!: Smallable; Lepoard Blue Grey: Wonder and Rah; Mrs Mighetto Mr William and the Night Carousel: Scandiborn


To guarantee more of a one-of-a-kind feel, particularly if you live in a period-style home, then a great option can be to go with vintage.  Of course you can browse the charity shops and car boots but if you’re short on time and want to find something specific, these sites have done the hard work for you.

Retro Vintage Mid Century Street Scene by R Lucano: Almeida Interiors; Vintage Mother & Child Framed Print: Mustard Vintage; Eleuthera Pool Party Oversize Slim Aarons C Type Print: Vinterior; Vintage Vernon Ward Midsummer Glory: Homeplace; Fauve Prints: Lantiques

All Rounders

And finally, the all rounders, the sites which just have a great range of options to suit all tastes.  Lumas is typically at the higher end of the price spectrum but sells some fantastic, quality works from an interesting range of artists that you just won’t find anywhere else.  I also love Trouva and Rockett St George for being right on the money in terms of what I’d love to have in my house today.

Close Poster: Desenio; Umbrellas Movements: Nancy Lee, Lumas; Dowse Areiro – Sun, Steps and Ardes: Trouva; Is This The Place That They Call: Rockett St George; Lost Gardens No.4 (white): Hormazd Nariel Walls, King & McGaw

We are lucky nowadays to have such a wide range of interesting and evocative artwork available to us at affordable prices giving us the opportunity to curate a collection that says something about us and lets us create our own very individual spaces.  Keep to a simple theme for a classic look or mix it up to create something more eclectic, the choice is yours.