10 Sale Buys You’ll Love in 10 Years

Happy new year everyone!  I hope you’ve all had a fantastic break with plenty of family, friends and of course food.  My tree is down, the garlands have gone and I have to say I’m glad.  I know that there are some who think it’s too early to rid the house of the decorations but by this time I’ve had enough and want a bit of normality restored.

We’re also already into our first DIY project of 2019 – tiling our fireplace wall – with much more planned in the first few months of this year so it was good to get all of the Christmas stuff back into the loft and start focusing on what we want to do next with the house.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog (THANK YOU!!) then you’ll know that I’m not one to advocate unnecessary spending and the accumulation of stuff (as if we don’t accumulate enough over Christmas anyway) and therefore I’m careful when it comes to the January sales.

It’s very easy to get your head turned by the 70% OFF!! shouting and forget that no, you actually don’t need a cat-shaped salt and pepper set and in fact you didn’t know it existed until 3 minutes ago.  At this point I’ll borrow a post from the great Matt Haig who puts it far better than me:

“Consumerism wants you to feel guilty.  That’s how it makes money.  A new year won’t mean a new you.  You are not an iPhone.  You don’t need replacing every year.  The calendar is just another human invention.  Don’t feel guilty about not dieting or exercising yourself into a temporary new form.  Just be kind to yourself.  Get to know the old you.  Don’t throw yourself away like another piece of plastic trash.  You are everything as you already are.”

That said, I spent some time having a clear out and selling old things on eBay during December and so raised a little fund with which to treat myself.  So what to buy?

For me the key to the sales is to plan ahead.  Start compiling a list of the things that you would like to add to your home towards the end of the year and add to it as things occur to you.  Delete from it as well when you’re feeling clear-headed about what you realistically do need.  I mean, maybe you do need a cat-shaped salt and pepper set, I don’t know, but give yourself time to examine and question it before the sales begin.

Armed with your list approach the sales with military precision.  Look only at the categories which interest you and try not to get distracted, particularly by things which aren’t your usual style or which you’re not quite sure where you’ll put.

Focus in particular on classics.  Designs which have stood the test of time and which you have long admired.  There’s a time and place for bargain cushion covers but use the sales to buy things that you have always wanted at a bargain price.

And with that in mind time for my 10 sale buys that you’ll love forever (finally I hear you say.  I know, I have a tendency to ramble).

I find the sales a brilliant time to invest in some new lighting.  Most designers will tell you that you need a wide range of light sources to make a room really work and so think about adding a floor lamp here and a table lamp there to get a more high end look.

Last year we bought the Sweep Floor Lamp from Made in the sale but these Ogilvy wall lamps have such a timeless quality and will really smarten up any bedroom scheme.

Ogilvy Double Swing Arm Wall Lamp, £69, Made.

I am also a sucker for a great Anglepoise lamp and this one by Paul Smith at Heals is a real beauty.

Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp Paul Smith Edition Three, £161, Heals

Seating is also a brilliant thing to invest in at this time of year.  A new sofa of course but also occasional chairs or a different style of dining chair to mix and match with your current set.

I love the pop of yellow that this Kartell Masters Chair provides and it comes in a range of shades so you can find one to suit your taste.

Kartell Masters Chair – Mustard, £142.80, Amara

I also love the classic vintage style of these bar stools from Swoon.  In fact, don’t get these because I think I need them.

Granary Mango Wood Stool, £109, Swoon

I’m always a massive advocate for good looking and practical storage for the home.  It helps you to put away the clutter which can sometimes feel overwhelming and to organise things so the house runs more smoothly.

Although the savings aren’t exactly overwhelming it’s a really good time to invest in String shelving which looks good in pretty much every room of the house and has been around now for almost 70 years.

String Pocket Shelving White, £103.70, Nest

I’m also a little bit in love with this table and magazine rack set up from Object Style which has a real Bauhaus quality and I would buy if I didn’t feel like I’d end up with a lot of crisp crumbs in the magazine part.

Black Table with Magazine Holder, £80, Object Style

I’m not sure sale shopping would be quite complete without a nod to the accessories.  I have spotted these Jonathan Adler jars on many an Instagram post and despite being awkward and wanting things nobody else has, I absolutely love them and so am very tempted when they’re on sale (and especially in yellow).

Jonathan Adler Vice Canister, Gluten, Mustard-White, £89.60, Amara

And I know I said I don’t need a pepper mill but if I did…

Alessi Pepper Mill, £66, Scandinavian Design Center

There are also some fantastic crockery offers over at the Scandinavian Design Center which was where we got our new set from this Christmas.

Minimarket side plate 19cm, £13, Scandinavian Design Center

And finally, if you’re stocking up on bread boards to try and be more Kate Hudson (check out the meme if this doesn’t make sense) then this from Hay is a real beauty.

Field Bread Board Curved, Hay, £36, Amara

That’s all from me, enjoy the sales and stick to the list!